Entering the ‘Neon’ Earth

Hey there! Shopping for new curtains, huh? So, it’s either your favorite polka dots, or the dreamy turquoise they say. And now you’re wondering why it can’t be both. Well, it can. Because at Neon Earth, ‘why not’ is all we say!

  • Team Member
    Uttara Parikh

    Uttara is an ex-investment banker with Morgan Stanley and Dresdner Kleinwort, London. Following an MBA at the London Business School, Uttara founded and ran a successful fashion eCommerce venture out of London where she raised over $2m in seed and series A. Following a successful exit, Uttara moved to India and headed up a division at the e-commerce giant Flipkart. Over the last 2 years, Uttara has been advising well-funded startups on growth strategy, digital marketing, organization structure, change management, and long term strategy. An entrepreneur at heart, Uttara enjoys mentoring startups and is actively pursuing her own stealth venture.

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    Nishant Shah

    Nishant Shah is the Founder and Managing Director of Caterpillar Signs Pvt Ltd, country’s largest signs and display supplier and exporter.
    He is an engineer from LD Engineering college and holds a Master of Science degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Pennsylvania State University. He worked for over 14 years in the USA consulting on large engineering projects before founding Design Print Banner LLC in 2010, a USA based technology company focused on custom products in the signage and display space. It owns prominent brands such as BannerBuzz & BestOfSigns, and group of e-commerce platforms and ranks as one of the top 5 e-commerce companies in the industry and has a prominent presence in 6 countries.

Once upon a time alert!

  • Story

    This story began when one of our founders, Uttara was decorating her new home.For her perfect rug, she wanted that specific shade of yellow, but no luck! Then began her quest for a unique wallpaper.

  • Story

    Then began her quest for a unique wallpaper. She reached out to tons of vendors, but all in vain. She couldn’t find what she was looking for.

  • Story

    Maybe having the design ready would help? So, she created one and approached more wallpaper vendors, only to go back home with a scowl. It was either burning-a-hole-in-your-wallet expensive or simply not possible to execute

  • Story

    One fine day, while fervently googling "wallpapers", she accidentally stumbled on Nishant's company - Bannerbuzz, and bingo! The wallpaper of her dreams decorates her living room.

  • Story

    This led to the idea of filling the void between imagination and realization. Of self-expression: to personalize life and empower everyone to do the same. The idea of a brand-new earth! Welcome to Neon Earth. Rug, wallpaper, furniture or bath towel. We’ve got you covered.

Art on your mind?

Go all out and create something new, something you. Not in the mood? Relax until we get you a design you’ll adore from our big fat collection. What’s next? You order that unique product, and we deliver. Yes, to your doorstep while you sip your personalized coffee. Well everyone has a ‘personalized coffee’ right?

  • Cup
    Pick it

    Choose your
    base product

  • Desing tool
    Decorate it

    Create a design
    or upload one

  • Printed Cup
    Own it

    Get it delivered to
    your doorstep

Are you a designer? You’re on the right earth


To every innovative head out there, this is your calling. Neon Earth is about creating unique products with designs to die for. Not all our users are born artists, so we get them designs from the ones who are, just like you! Designer, artist, or simply a creative mind, all we care about are those strokes you draw, getting products to yell beauty, and users to go “gee”!

Now what’s stopping you Pablo? Get on board and share your designs with us today! Not only will you be featured on our website next to your creation, you’ll also get a royalty for every design sold. The bigger picture? Your art could decorate someone’s life.