Our story

A brand with a heart

NEONEARTH is about you and everything you love!

We take pride in being a part of GROUP BAYPORT as all its brands share a dedication to being agents of transformation. The most important aspect of that is giving you the power of creation with our free and easy-to-use design tool.

At Neonearth, we believe that custom products do more than just make a home look good. They help you feel good, inspire you to do good, and make you CREATE your distinctive style. We’re really passionate about providing everyone the access necessary to customize their world. Support your favorite cause, team or create something special for your friends and family, we’ll handle the rest.

Our Mission

Shine on with Neon!

Welcome to Neon Earth! 2022 saw the launch of Group Bayport’s latest entry into the world of customization, of tapping into self-expression to fill the void between imagination and realization. This universe is all about customizing and personalizing life, empowering everyone to channel their inner voice and painting the world around them in those vibrant personal colors. Whether you’re a shopper looking to decorate or accessorize, or an artist looking for an outlet, side hustle, or to start a small business, there’s plenty of room to grow on this planet.

You design, we print

That’s NEONEARTH, and this is your planet.

Be the muse and the artist. Design it your way. Upload your own artwork or create something unique and utterly you with our easy-to-use design tool and just like that.

Choose from a wide variety of sub-categories within our main categories:

Using quality products curated from our network of sophisticated craftsmen, our fabrics and other items deliver exactly what you need to bring razzle to your dazzle:

Express yourself

We totally believe a personalized t-shirt, tapestry with your family’s picture, or even a custom-made doormat is a conversation starter. We celebrate that power of self-expression through our wide range of products, and we would love to know what’s your Neonearth story. Share it with us by tagging us @neonearth.life and #bringitNeON on Instagram.

Make it personal in

3 easy steps

  • Pick a product

    Choose from our wide range of totally customizable products.

  • Upload a design

    Upload your own unique design, picture, or even a quote.

  • Place the order

    We’ll handle the rest!

We’ll take care of the printing, shipping, and even customer service.

Visit us at www.neonearth.com to explore, order, and experience a world like no other.