A canvas of opportunitiesonly for you.

Alert Crazy Creatives!We're looking for beautiful designs to decorate our products. And hey, this might be your journey to fame! Here your art gets an international platform to rise and shine, and you get a well-deserved royalty for every design you sell. And lots of exciting prizes to boot.

  • be famous
  • earn royalty
  • win prizes

Journey to fame.

This is where creativity pays off!

  • Create your design.

    Or do you have one ready? Now choose a product that you want to beautify

  • Upload your design.

    Why one, upload all of them! Earn ?100 perapproved design

  • Time to get lucky.

    Stand a chance to win exciting prizes every month.This time it's an Apple iPad

Upload Your Design

A branded

After we go live, you get to create your brand-your creative identity and get royalty* on every design your
brand sells.

*Royalty Program will be shared shortly.

Be a part of this homey revolution

growing every zeptosecond.


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