Mo' Money NO Problems BaeLolly Canvas Cotton Totebag

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Wanna lessen the baggage added to Mother Nature? These 100% Canvas Cotton Tote Bags are the best alternative for the plastic bag! THE trending fashion statement for both men and women all over the world. Our Neon Tote bags don't just help reduce your Carbon Footprint, but they look and feel great too ? Add a Zipper to secure your favorite items and - VOILA! - You've got The Perfect Tote Bag! Worried about it being too plain or not having many options to enhance the aesthetics of your Bag? Now you can Completely Cusomize & Personalize, to your heart's content! Design unique Bags with vibrant colors, sharp images, clever typography...Or just head on over to one of our brilliant Designers' Profiles & choose any of their Original Designs. We've "Totes" Got You Covered ?
Cotton Canvas.