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Invite Your Squad To Join The Neon Tribe & Get Special Discounts For You & Your Friends. Whether you’re here to sell designs or buy ‘em, there’s plenty of positive vibes to go around.

No purchase necessary

"So ,how does it work?"

Glad you asked! Here's The Deal That Rewards Your Awesomeness

  • No. Of Referrals 1

    You Get

    15% OFF
  • 3

    You Get

    30% OFF
  • 10

    You Get

    50% OFF
  • 20

    You Get

    $100 of Free Stuff
  • 30+

    You Get

    Bonus Gift

Your Friends Get 15% OFF

will my friends who sign up for neon earth using my referrals get anything special?

ofcourse! we are going to gift each one of them exclusive 15% off their first order.
And there are sooooo many amazing products to choose from!

so all i have to do is invite friends to neon earth & i'll be eligible for this cool stuff?

That's right. For being a part of the neon tribe & inviting your squad,
this is the least we could do. Your Squad.