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personalized photo gifts_wedding Outdoor Mat

Worried about the not-so-great elements of the outdoors making it's way into your pristine indoors? Worry no more, as our anti-slip, Neon Indoor Mats are here to help ? Our Indoor Mats are made of Non-Woven Polyester Fabric that isn't rough on those precious feet, but scrub away the dirt without the rough feel. That's right we made it rhyme ? What's more? You don't have to stick to a boring, not so exciting-looking Mat anymore. With our easy to use Design Tool, you can completely Customize and Personalize to your liking! Add vibrant colors, sharp images, or just select one of our brilliant Designers' motifs. It's that easy ?

Pile Material - Polyester non-woven fabrics, Back Material - Nitrile rubber; Printing Type - Sublimation.

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