Fruit with flower and bird Ollie Six Acrylic Coasters

Keep your table clean, artistic, and tasteful with our Ollie Acrylic Coasters. At Neon Earth, our motto is ‘Designed to be Used.’ You don’t need to religiously store these customizable coasters in drawers or cupboards rather they are to be used and reused daily. Made with premium quality light-weight acrylic material - they can enhance the aura of any table. They are smooth to touch and come with a beautiful satin finish. Graced with a beautiful glossy top, the sophisticated finish defuses light beautifully and gives you a true art feel. These customizable beauties come with an anti-skid board and you can get them in a set of 6. They not only protect your table from those tough-to-clean stains but also support your morning cup of joy. Pair these lustrous babies with your favorite coffee mug and they can act as the perfect gift for just about anyone! Even yourself!


Unlock your creative side with personalized prints and add a lil’ splash of color to your party. Not much of an artist? Just head on over to one of our brilliant Designers' Profiles & choose from their unique, original designs - that best suits your vibe!

Material:- Premium Acrylic


Comes in a set of 6


Size: 4” square and 3.5 “ square


Thickness:- 4mm


Lightweight, Premium acrylic with antiskid board.


Perfect for parties, weddings, or branding your business


High quality print with glossy satin finish


Taking care:- Sponge rub gently with water or soap in case of stain.


Designed in the USA.

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