Pelecaniformes Woodland Soul Collection Laila All Over Print Laundry Bag

Introducing the perfect place to store your laundry before you wash, rinse & repeat! Meet Laila our exclusive range of water-proof all-over print laundry bag - your customizable solution to keep those dirty clothes out of sight.


This durable bag houses a mesh closure that allows your clothes to have a breathable space - No more stinking! The beautiful top pattern lets you store your clothes in a trendy and eco-friendly way. It’s the perfect choice for pattern designs as it comes with a beautiful all-over print. Choose from traditional, intricate designs in sober hues to funky motifs in eye-catching colors which are bound to lure everyone’s attention & design a one of a kind laundry bag. It has two handles attached to the top which lets you carry your laundry anywhere you want - super portable! Make your work more organized and less exhausting with this foldable laundry bag. Hail to this washable & rust-free bag, now your dirty clothes can be sorted, managed, and protected with grace. It is a perfect combination of need and style! This beautifully printed laundry bag can be great for a toy bin, storage bin, laundry basket, etc.


You can personalize this bag with witty quotes or art or anything that says You! Got a creative block? Just head on over to one of our brilliant Designers' Profiles & choose from one of their unique, original designs!


Ever Dreamed of Having Your Own Label?

At Neon Earth, we make it happen! We give you an option to add your name to the label of the products with your designs. Your stunning artwork deserves to be famous!

Material:- Double Layer Engineered with durable, premium Poly-textured Canvas Fabric lined with water proof 100% polyester material with Mesh closure tied with a cord.


Size ( W x H ): 20.5” x 19”


All Over Print.


Foldable and easy to carry


Taking Care:- Hand wash with cold water and Line dry.


Designed in the USA