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Halloween Polly Striped Wall Tapestry

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Elevate your vertical space with our Polly Textured Wall Tapestry.


This textured sophistication is soft as a feather and houses a pattern of striped lines to give you that raw beauty. Graced with a slightly raised and subtle texture, the magnificent finish defuses light beautifully and gives this authentic tapestry an artistic vibe. Created to enjoy the simple moments with your loved ones with a modern look. It houses a set of beautiful paneling on both sides to enhance the designs on the tapestry. Add a taste of thoughtfulness to your gift with this creative rug. It adds a warm texture to your decor and is a highly sustainable, rapidly renewable resource that's also amazingly durable. The rug spreads a wonderfully textured, organic foundation in your dining room, living room, or your personal den. It is easy to care for and is sure to become a conversational piece of art. 


Accessorize your decor and choose from traditional, intricate designs in sober hues to funky motifs in eye-catching colors which are bound to lure everyone’s attention. You can add your personalization or head on over to one of our brilliant Designers' Profile & get an original, unique design.


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Size:  Square – 57” X 57 “


Weight :-313g (9.23oz)


Handmade and designed individually


Every fabric can be used creatively as a wall rug, non-conventional creative fabric banner for baby shower announcements and simultaneously can be used as a decorative for the baby room. Ceiling Tapestry, chair pads, headboards decorative pillows, picnic sheets, beach throws, beach blankets, curtains, floor poufs, furniture covers, outdoor or bed tents, etc.  


It can be used both indoor and outdoor


It houses a set of beautiful paneling on both sides to elevate your designs.  


Edges are sewn with a double fold hem for the perfect finishing touch.


Hang with thumbtacks, nails or clothespins (no rod pocket), 4 Fabric loops attached for easy hanging.


Professionally designed and fabricated, made to last.


Taking care :-Handwash with cold water and line dry


Designed in the USA

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