Pelecaniformes Woodland Soul Collection Lumbar Satin Throw Pillow With Insert

Thinking of sprucing up your couches, beds, chairs etc.? ?‍? Then our plush, Satin Cushion Covers with Inserts, are the perfect accesory for you! Refurbish your home decor with trendy patterns, vibrant colors, and unique designs. Not only are these Cushion Covers attractive, but the quality & density of the Satin is so exclusive you won't find it anywhere. So smooth that it'll easily put you to sleep ? Satiny to the level where you'll never want to let go of your Cushions ever again! Get complete Customization and Personalize according to what you want - Florals & big bold prints/patterns would look amazing on Satin fabrics. Add some flair to your space today and create the perfect accent to compliment your Furniture & Accesories. Go ahead, say it...You Love Us ?

100% POLYESTER SATIN , WOVEN fabric; Sturdy Coil/Metal/Plastic-Molded, Reverse Coil/Invisible Zippers for easy usage & removal.