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Personalized Photo Gift_pet Rozzby Foam Mouse Pad

The aesthetic tech-child in you has been craving this, for so long! Presenting our feather-light premium quality Rozzby Rubber Mouse Pad. They are completely customizable and can be personalized to your heart’s desire. You know how it feels when you rub your hands against a super soft pillow? Well, that is how it is going to feel like when you work on this very smooth mouse pad. Glide over this mousepad's high tensile strength. It is resistant to oil, ozone, water, chemical, and even UV! It is durable and its high-quality print comes with a satin finish that will make you the center of everyone's attention! Our anti-skid base helps to keep your mouse pad in place. Say goodbye to dull desks and say hello to the uber quirky soulmates of your mouse!

Material: EPDM Foam Rubber with white high-quality Top Finish


Size: 20cm x 20cm


Thickness: 6 mm


Premium quality anti-skid back


Houses high tensile strength


Oil, ozone, water, chemical, and UV resistant.


Easy to wipe/clean 


Durable and dust resistant


Feather-light, high-quality print with a satin finish.


Taking care:- Sponge rub gently with water or soap incase of stain.


Designed in the USA

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