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    Custom Rugs – Personalize Your Space with Endless Possibilities 

    Turn your ordinary looking office or home areas into extraordinary spaces with our edge-to-edge printed personalized rugs in vibrant colors. Whether you design your rug first before designing your room with other elements or customizing a rug to complement your current room layout, our collection of rugs is sure to offer the best choice. 

    For personalized office decor, you can get custom door mats with logo or rectangle rugs with logo, made from 100% polyester in multiple sizes. We offer multiple customization options for you to create a statement piece for your office.  

    You can choose from our available colors and patterns or access our designer’s profile for unique and creatively made custom carpet, or you can also upload your choice of prints to get personalized door mats and other rugs that fit perfectly in your decor type.  

    Find Your Perfect Custom Rug Here 

    We offer three types of custom rugs: 

    Snowlike Polyester Rug – Made of polyester for both indoor and outdoor, this rug features 3mm thickness with snowlike cozy texture. It can be used as a custom welcome mat or personalised door mat to beautify the entrance and restrict dirt from entering. 

    Polar Chenille Rug – The soft and velvety texture provides comfort and warmth to any space. It is mostly used indoors either as commercial rugs with logo or for decorating your home. Its 3mm thickness acts as a perfect accessory to decorate any space.  

    Pet Jute Rug – This durable jute rug can be placed both indoors and outdoors giving an earthy texture to any room. Its water-resistant fabric allows it to be used as custom door mat in front of room or balcony doors or custom outdoor rug for garden, terrace or entrance, giving a warm and rustic look.  

    Why Choose Custom Rugs from NeonEarth? 

    • Personalized Design – Get your rugs designed as per your choice of pattern. 
    • Unique Patterns – Our given textures are uniquely crafted by our designers. 
    • Color Choices – You can get the rugs in any color of your choice. 
    • Premium Materials – Our rugs are made in top-notch quality with easy cleaning. 
    • Perfect Fit – Our rugs are customized to offer the perfect fit to any space. 
    • Custom Sizes – You can choose from our multiple size options. 
    • Shape Options – We offer multiple shapes to suit your unique floor spaces. 

    Enhance your decor further with custom pillows, captivating wall art, elegant curtains, and bespoke custom tapestry, all crafted from premium materials for durability and easy maintenance. Neon Earth ensures a perfect fit for every room, making it your ultimate destination for stylish and functional home renovations


    Q1. What shape rug is best? 

    Ans. Rectangular rugs are the most traditional rug shape. They perfectly cover large areas and fit well in narrow and long spaces. Round rugs are more casual and exotic. They are better suited in smaller areas or spaces in circular shape. However, exceptions are always there! 

    Q2. Should a rug be darker than walls? 

    Ans. There is no fixed rule for this. However, the most pleasing looks come from contrasting colors. With darker walls you may choose a lighter rug and for lighter walls select darker rugs. 

    Q3. How many years should a rug last? 

    Ans. Worn fabric, matted fibers and faded color are the common signs of rug wear and tear. The typical lifespan of area rugs is around 5-10 years. Also note, you can’t restore wear and tear on area rugs. 

    Q4. Should you ever put a rug on carpet? 

    Ans. Rugs can be layered over carpet if they are low profile and properly sized for the room. However, designers say that if you dislike the way it looks, don’t overlap. They believe your home should reflect you! 

    Q5. What color rug makes a room look bigger? 

    Ans. Light-colored rug can likely make your space look larger. 

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