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    Shop & Design Custom Tapestries at Neon Earth for Personalized Decor

    Need a simple accessory to spruce up your space? Check out Neon Earth’s exclusive collection of Custom Tapestries to add a personal touch to your decor. Whether it's a cherished memory, a piece of art, or a favorite quote, you can upload your artwork and customize these tapestries the way you want. Use the custom tapestries as wall hangings, bedroom accents, tablecloths, or beach blankets to infuse a personalized ambiance into every corner of your home. 

    Custom Tapestries in a Variety of Fabric Textures & Shapes 

    Check out our exclusive collection of custom tapestries available in premium fabric textures, and different shapes. Crafted from highly durable 100% woven polyester, our range offers varied textures including jute, velvet, satin and stylish stripes. You can also elevate your decor with a choice of shapes - square, triangle, and panoramic to suit your unique vision. 

    For timeless elegance, opt for rich, heavy fabrics like velvet or satin in classic shapes such as square or rectangular, perfect for traditional settings. Choose modern aesthetics with sleek jute or striped textures. They add a minimalist touch to your space. For a statement piece, consider panoramic tapestries that infuse artistic flair and depth into your decor. 

    These custom-woven tapestries are not just about style; they are built to last. Double-fold hems and sewn edges ensure a cleaner look and reinforced durability. The thoughtful addition of paneling and fabric loops on both sides not only makes them visually appealing but facilitates convenient hanging. 

    Customize Your Own Tapestry in Simple Steps 

    These personalized tapestries make exceptional gifts, turning cherished memories into tangible works of art. Celebrate life's special moments and share the joy of personalization with loved ones. 

    To elevate your décor and create meaningful gifts, create your own tapestry for a personalized touch. Begin by choosing your preferred fabric texture and size. We offer a range of standard sizes to suit your space. If you have specific dimensions in mind, customize your tapestry accordingly. For added flair, consider our triangular tapestries, which bring a unique geometric element to your design. 

    After selecting the fabric and size, the next step is to upload your design – whether it’s an image, artwork, print, pattern, text, or a solid color. Supported formats include .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf, and .svg, with a maximum upload size of 40 MB. Adjust the image size as needed, zooming in or out for the perfect proportions. 

    Once satisfied with the customization, add your creation to the cart, and you're good to go! Our cutting-edge printing technology ensures vibrant and crisp prints, bringing your design to life. Take advantage of our minimum order value offer, allowing you to order as few as one custom tapestry or as many as you need for bulk orders. Explore our options for custom wallpaper and custom wall murals complementing tapestries to curate a cohesive ambience. 

    Order Personalized Wall Tapestry Hassle-Free 

    Order Process: Order the personalized tapestry in 4 easy steps: 

    • Choose from our range of products. 
    • Upload your artwork or choose from our theme collection. 
    • Scale your artwork, image or text as required 
    • Confirm your order. We'll handle the rest.  

    Bestsellers: Our bestselling products include custom wall tapestry-velvet, custom wall tapestry-jute, custom wall tapestry-satin, custom wall tapestry- striped texture, custom triangular tapestry-satin, custom panoramic tapestry-satin, custom triangular tapestry-striped texture, custom triangular tapestry-jute, custom triangular tapestry-velvet, etc.  

    Usage: The tapestry can be used in indoor and outdoor settings. You can drape them over a table, hang them on your walls, use them as ceiling tapestries, cushion your chairs, adorn decorative pillows, spread them as picnic sheets, lay them on the beach as throws or blankets, hang them as curtains, cover your furniture, create outdoor or bed tents, and much more. 

    Size: They are available in different fixed sizes, depending on their shape. You can also customize the size to meet your space requirements.  

    Care Instructions:  

    • Hand wash with cold water and line dry. 
    • Hang with thumbtacks, nails, clothespins or double sided hanging strips.  
    • Fabric loops included.

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