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    Shop our Tapestry Collection – Where Art Meets Home Decor!

    Our tapestries are more than just home accessories; they're the essence of refined living. Elevate your décor with our exquisite tapestry creations, turning your space into a sanctuary of personal expression. Our personalized tapestries infuse your unique personality into every thread, enhancing your luxurious lifestyle. Explore our bestsellers and personalize your décor today.

    Premium Polyester Woven Custom Tapestry with Double Folded Hems

    The tapestries add glamour to your home. Whether you are using them as wall hangings or beach blankets, they bring a personalized ambience to your home. The custom tapestry is made from 100% woven polyester with a double folded hem for sturdiness and durability. The weight is approximately 300 to 350 grams in different fabric styles such as velvet, jute, satin, striped texture, etc. Available in different fixed sizes and custom sizes, the custom printed tapestry can be ordered in the size you need. The print on demand tapestry comes with sewn edges that makes it easy to hang on the walls.

    Make Your Own Tapestry with Free Personalization Feature

    To make the print on demand wall tapestry truly unique, try our personalization feature. Upload your artwork to personalize the custom printed tapestry canvas. The acceptable formats are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf, and .svg. The maximum size of the upload is 40 MB. Experiment and explore the kind of design that would aesthetically match with your settings and order our print on demand wall tapestry. Moreover, these personalized tapestries make exceptional gifts, turning cherished memories into tangible works of art. Celebrate life's special moments and share the joy of personalization with loved ones. Elevate your décor and create meaningful gifts.

    Effortless Order Process of Personalized Tapestry

    Order Process: Order the personalized tapestry in 4 easy steps. Choose the size, upload photo, add to cart, and checkout. That's it!

    Bestsellers: Our bestselling products include custom wall tapestry-velvet, custom wall tapestry-jute, custom wall tapestry-satin, custom wall tapestry- striped texture, custom triangular tapestry-satin, custom panoramic tapestry-satin, custom triangular tapestry-striped texture, custom triangular tapestry-jute, custom triangular tapestry-velvet, etc.

    Usage: The tapestry can be used in indoor and outdoor settings. You can drape them over a table, hang them on your walls, use them as ceiling tapestries, cushion your chairs, adorn decorative pillows, spread them as picnic sheets, lay them on the beach as throws or blankets, hang them as curtains, cover your furniture, create outdoor or bed tents, and much more.

    Size: They are available in different fixed sizes, depending on their shape. You can also customize the size to meet your space requirements.

    Care Instructions:

    Hand wash with cold water and line dry.


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