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10 most awesome corporate holiday gift ideas this year

Anyone looking for unique corporate gift ideas for their team members is spoilt for choices with millions of options in the market today. Yet, when you sit and think over the best gift options for your colleagues, whether it’s Easter, Christmas, or Thanksgiving, you often run short of ideas.

Abundance of options leads to confusion

Is it the perfect corporate gift idea for my teammates?
Do they really need it?
Am I purchasing a trending holiday corporate gift or is it an out-of-fashion item?
Can I purchase corporate gifts in bulk?
Are there customized corporate gifts available in the market?
Can there be corporate gifts that are tailor-made for your employees?
The more you search, the more doubts about products crop up in your mind.

Neonearth understands your problem

… and tries to help you search for the best corporate gift ideas that fulfill your requirements. With so many products to choose from, you have the full freedom to:

Design wall decor products, apparel, stationery, and more.
Style your products as per your requirements.
Create something from scratch, upload a design or image that’s uniquely YOU.
Pair the design with irresistible fabrics.
Sit back and leave the rest to us. We will manufacture the product and ship it to your doorstep.
Neonearth has plenty of great corporate gift ideas that are garnering the attention of buyers.
They are exclusive, attractive, and value-for-money.

Some of our stand-out products

We have jotted down some of the best corporate gift ideas just for you. We believe our effort will save you some time and money and help you find some of the best options available in the market. They are a few among hundreds of lifestyle products on Neonearth with arresting fabrics, hand-stitched to perfection. Take a look:

Tapestries: Bring life to the dull walls of your room

corporate holiday gift
These fabulous or fun tapestries will help in lifting your colleague’s mood.

Is your colleague fed up with watching the walls of his home or office cabin that make him feel glum? The best way to light his walls up and give them a colorful look is to cover them with tapestries. These fabulous or fun tapestries will make a fantastic impression on whosoever casts a glance at them or help in lifting your colleague’s mood. Our tapestries are available in four different fabrics – velvet, striped, satin, and jute. Choose the best fabric that suits the background color and texture of your colleague’s home and order the gift. We believe it will cheer him up.

Sarongs: Take your beach experience to next level

corporate holiday gift
Get personalized sarongs for your work and leisure trips.

Sarongs are all about comfort, which makes you enjoy your surroundings. Be it attending a beach party, a walk on the beach, or sipping wine with your partner on sandy shores, our sarongs will keep you in high spirits, and make your holiday enjoyable and memorable. Comfortable and stylish sarongs are available for women (half, full, and triangle sarongs), and men and kids as well. Get personalized sarongs for your work and leisure trips and flaunt them with style as a group.

Throw pillow: Make your interiors look more beautiful

corporate holiday gift
You can mix and match colors and designs to add variety to your home decor.

A throw pillow can easily be one of the best corporate gift ideas for your colleagues since it is used by almost everyone. We have a variety of throw pillows that we hope, will meet your expectations. Our checkered, customized throw pillows are high in demand. These pillows, with and without inserts, are available in round and rectangle shapes, and in different types of materials like velvet, brass jacquard, and canvas. You can mix and match colors and designs and add variety to the decor of your home. They will leave a long-lasting impression on your guests and will also keep you in a happy mood.

Bow Pillows: Huggable friends you can easily order

A genuine hug is all that is required to keep your colleagues in high spirits. That’s the kind of feeling that bow pillows give. Their gorgeous sheen and featherlike softness not only catch the attention but also spruces up furnishings of your bed, patio, or couch. The product comes in different fabrics like gold jacquard, plush satin, canvas, striped, brass jacquard, etc. You can know in advance what your colleague likes and customize a bow pillow to give them the best corporate gift. It is one of the best corporate gift ideas for employees that can be!

Wall Murals: Take your walls from boring to bold

corporate holiday gift
Wall murals are ideal for accent walls, flat surfaces, and temporary installations like parties, events, etc.

Our murals help you to change your room into a marvelous world of beautiful designs, shapes, and colors. The murals come in textures like mesh, caviar, drip, leatherette eco, and ribbed eco. One can add patterns and pictures to them and leave the rest on Neonearth. We will custom make the wall mural for your colleague and ship it to them.

Wallpaper: Make your walls classy, flamboyant, or bold

corporate holiday gift
Wallpaper can be a great option as a corporate holiday gift.

Wallpaper can be a great option as a corporate holiday gift since Neonearth can customize it according to the taste and personality of your colleagues. We print soothing pastels to bold, bright shades to make your walls classy, flamboyant, and stand out. While wallpapers are used for room walls, these work well for any flat surfaces, accent walls, and temporary installations.

Yoga mats: Best for a newcomer or a pro yogi

corporate holiday gift
Our yoga mats are comfortable for people of all sizes and shapes.

One may be a newcomer or a pro yogi, our customized yoga mats will meet your requirements perfectly. Not just its quality of material, but the picture, design, or text of your choice will keep you in a positive frame of mind. It will encourage you to go the extra mile while doing yoga. If you prefer not to do yoga, these mats can also be used for other activities including Pilates, strength training, and sweating it out at home.

Custom T-Shirt: A fashion staple

corporate holiday gift
Tees are popular among people from all walks of life.\

Though it has a casual look to them, Custom T-shirts can easily make the list of the best corporate gifts as the tees are popular among people from all walks of life. Their excellent fit, personalized design options, and wide variety of sizes make them one of the most sought-after items in the market and our best sellers.

Doormats: It’s all about first impressions

Doormats are the first impression of your home that an outsider can have. Bid goodbye to drab regular ‘Welcome’ doormats that you purchase from the market. Add some color, style, uniqueness, and theme to them. It will refresh your mood the moment you step on the doormat. 

Dog beds: A gift for your furry friends

corporate holiday gift
Give your dog lover colleague a gift for their furry friend.

A dog is like a family member. You can make them feel more homely by gifting a customized bed. You can choose your fabric, pictures, designs, or text. Along with that, these beds are portable and can be easily taken out when you are not in the city, or you are vacationing at a beach. Make your dog feel special like your best friend.

Find your perfect fit

Take all you’ve learned, and shop our creative corporate gift ideas to find your perfect fit! We are proud to offer such fully customizable gift options. When ordering just tell us your preferences and we will do whatever is needed to make you feel special!

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