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5 Steps & Tools to Measure Wall for Wallpaper Decor

5 Steps & Tools to Measure Wall for Wallpaper Decor

When it comes to making your house feel like home, Neon Earth knows how important it is to place personalized decor with perfection. We are here to walk you through every step of the wall measurement and wallpaper installation process in this detailed guide. We will take care of everything, from removing any obstacles from the wall to figuring out the total square footage. Also, find different measuring tools that fit your needs, such as standard tapes and digital scanners. With our tips and ideas, you can turn your room into a one-of-a-kind work of art that shows off your own style. Get ready to use your imagination and make your personal haven shine like never! 

5 Quick & Easy Wall Measurement Steps 

  • Step 1: Clear the Wall 
    Prior to starting, make sure there are no things blocking the view on the wall, like furniture or decorations. For exact measurements and a smooth installation process, this step is necessary. 
  • Step 2: Measure the Height 
    Get your favorite tape measure out and find the wall’s height from floor to ceiling. It is important to measure the wall more than once, since the roof and floor may not always be level. This step makes sure you consider any differences in the wall’s surface. 
  • Step 3: Determine the Width 
    Make sure to include any bumps or dips when you measure the width of the wall from corner to corner. Once more, measure from more than one spot to account for any uneven surfaces on the wall. This step helps you get a good idea of how much wallpaper you will need to cover the whole wall. 
  • Step 4: Calculate Total Square Footage 
    Now that you know the wall’s height and width, you can figure out how many square feet it is. To get the square footage, just increase the height by the width. At this point, you should have a good idea of how big the wall is and how much wallpaper you will need for the job.  
  • Step 5: Consider Wallpaper Panel Size 
    Have a look at the sizes of the wallpaper panels offered. At Neon Earth, our wallpaper comes in normal panel sizes so that it is easy to put up. But if your wall is wider than the maximum panel width, the wallpaper will be sent to you in more than one panel so that it fits perfectly. This step helps you figure out how many panels you need to cover the whole wall. 

5 Tools That You Can Use for Measurements 
Make sure you pick the right measuring tool for the job and use the right method to get accurate results. Make sure your device is charged and working right before you use digital tools. Measurements should always be checked twice to avoid mistakes. Here are a few of the recommended tools for you: 

Measuring Tool Where to Find Unique Benefit How to Use What to Keep in Mind 
Measuring Tape Hardware stores, home improvement centers Flexible and portable. Align tape at starting point and pull across to end. Ensure tape is straight for accurate measurements. 
Laser Distance Meter Hardware stores, online retailers Offers precise measurements over long distances. Aim laser at target point and press button to measure. Keep device steady to avoid inaccuracies. 
Digital Calipers Hardware stores, specialty tool shops Provides accurate measurements for small objects. Place jaws around object and read measurement on screen. Avoid applying excessive pressure to prevent damage. 
Yardstick/Ruler Office supply stores, hardware stores Simple and versatile for measuring straight lines. Align ruler along the edge of object to measure. Ensure ruler is properly aligned for accurate readings. 
iPhone Size Scanner Available as apps on smartphone app stores Utilizes smartphone camera for digital measurements. Open app, follow on-screen instructions to scan object. Ensure proper lighting and alignment for accurate scans. 

See How You Can Beautify Your Living-Room Like Emily Did 

Meet Emily, a 32-year-old interior design enthusiast and proud homeowner who recently embarked on a mission to revitalize her living room. Inspired by her love for vibrant colors and eclectic patterns, Emily decided to adorn her walls with stunning With precision and attention to detail, Emily meticulously measured her wall, following the step-by-step guide provided by Neon Earth. She cleared the wall, measured the height and width at multiple points to ensure accuracy, and calculated the total square footage. By taking these exact measurement steps, Emily ensured a seamless application process and achieved beautiful results that perfectly complemented her unique style and creative vision. Now, when Emily enters her renovated living room, she finds a place that truly feels like her own private sanctuary. She’s greeted by a space that truly feels like her own personal sanctuary. 

Again, Do Not Forget to: 

  1. Clear wall. 
  1. Measure height and width. 
  1. Calculate total square footage. 
  1. Double-check for accuracy. 

Final Words: 
To sum up, the first step to a beautiful wallpaper installation is to correctly measure your wall. You can make any room look like a work of art by following these easy steps and using our high-quality wallpaper and editing tools. Why wait then? Neon Earth lets you show off your imagination and make your ideas come to life. Change your space today and let your artist side shine! 

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