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8 Ways to Use Decorative Pillows to Effortlessly Revamp Your Home

An outfit can only look as good as the accessories you pair with it. You may be wearing the most fashion-forward ensemble, but without a little bling, the fit just falls flat. Well, think of throw pillows as the “bling” for your living space. 

On their own, they may seem insignificant, unnecessary, or superfluous, but when you add decorative pillows to a drab-looking room, it gets an instant facelift. 

Throw it On

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to change the look of any room. Change them out during each season to incorporate a festive flair, or add some on a bed that’s looking a little like a prison cot. 

Once you get the hang of picking the right size, shape, pattern, and texture, you can explore the endless options on how to revamp your home with these beautiful little accessories.

Finding the Right Fit

Size is crucial when finding the best pillows for your space. Picking one that is too big will overwhelm the chair it’s resting on, and using one that is too small will look like an afterthought. Be the decor Goldilocks and find a fit that is just right.

As a general rule of thumb, start with a standard 22-inch as your base, then layer on a 16×16 or an accent lumbar pillow, depending on the size of your furniture. Gauge how these sizes fit with your room and see if you need to size up or size down. 

Where to Put Them

Typically you’ll find pillows on upholstered seating in a living room and on the bed in any bedroom to add dimension to a space. They add a quality of comfort and coziness in areas that are meant for relaxation, which is why adding them to the chairs around your dining room table, for instance, will most likely look awkward and misplaced. 

You can still get creative with placement, however, as long as it makes sense for the room. If you have a fitness or meditation area, for example, throw in some pillows next to your yoga mat to add a little zen to the space.

It’s Color Not Calculus

It can be overwhelming when standing in the middle of the aisle of throw pillows and seeing the spectrum of every color to choose from. Picking a color that keeps your space looking balanced and cohesive comes down to your current color palette.

Once you’ve narrowed down the theme of your room, identify the primary neutral, secondary neutral, and statement color. Now use those three as your guide to picking which pillows compliment the space. Experiment with the different tints, tones, and shades of those colors and even find them mixed in a pattern.

How to Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid of mixing color and texture when picking the perfect pillows for your room. Sticking to the rule of threes will help you keep the designs from clashing. You’ve already identified the three main colors. Next, choose three pattern types such as geometric, floral, and solid. 

Let the lead pattern be the one that has all three of your colors and compliment it with a secondary one that has one or two. Also, keep in mind the size of your patterns and use that in the rule of threes as well, with the lead pattern being the largest and dominant one.


If you are still too intimidated to mix patterns but still want to be creative with styling your throws, a fun way to add some flair is by mixing textures. Keeping the colors neutral but using different textures still shows creativity without risking a clash of patterns. 

There are nearly as many textures to choose from as there are patterns, depending on your decorative style. If you gravitate toward a boho design, find organic textures like macrame. Or, if you love a little glamor, find a fluffy faux fur pillow to liven up the space.

Keep it Balanced

Although you may have the majority of the pillows on the focal point of the room (either the couch or bed), don’t leave the other pieces of furniture naked. Make sure to cover most if not all of the surfaces to keep the colors and patterns working cohesively.

If you are looking for a more minimal aesthetic, at least keep the throws symmetrically placed around the room to achieve the same balanced effect. This creates an inviting and cozy space fit for anyone to comfortably curl up in.

How Much is Too Much?

We’ve all seen those old school homes that have a comically high number of throw pillows stacked on the couch, leaving no place to sit. As ridiculous as it looks, it is easy to get carried away when seeing all the options available to use in your own home.

An easy way to avoid this decorative faux pas is to invest in several pillow covers to swap out whenever you want to change up the look of the space. Not only are they easier to store, but they give you all of the freedom to experiment with different patterns and styles without drowning in a sea of pillows.

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