How to Live Green: 6 Sustainable Decor Ideas for World Environment Day!

How to Live Green: 6 Sustainable Decor Ideas for World Environment Day!

With World Environment Day on June 5th, it’s a good time to think about how we relate to nature and how to add its beauty to our homes. Using eco-friendly, nature-inspired products is a simple way to celebrate and contribute to a greener planet. 

When it comes to decorating your space, there’s a world of possibilities waiting for you, from throw pillows to curtains, wallpapers to tapestries, and even wall murals and bags.  

In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can use a variety of eco-friendly products to create a space that’s uniquely yours while embracing the beauty of nature.  

From organic cotton curtains and recycled glass vases to handmade wooden wall art and plant-based air purifiers, the possibilities are endless. Plus, we’ll throw in some fun DIY ideas inspired by nature to add that personal touch. Let’s get started! 

Celebrate World Environment Day by adding eco-friendly decor to your home. Let’s make our living spaces happy and calm while helping the planet for future generations. 

Throw Pillows: Cozy Up with Earthy Vibes 

Transform your space with throw pillows that add both comfort and style. Swap out synthetics for pillows made from organic cotton, hemp, or linen. These eco-friendly fibers are soft and sustainable. Nature-inspired prints like leaves and animals bring a playful, whimsical vibe. 

Curtains: Let Nature’s Light Shine Through 

Enhance your room’s privacy and aesthetic appeal with curtains made from organic cotton or linen. These materials are breathable and environmentally friendly. Select light, airy fabrics in earthy tones like moss green, sky blue, or sandy beige to infuse your space with tranquility. Let natural light in during the day to cut down on artificial lighting and save energy. 

Wallpapers: Transform Your Walls with Sustainable Style 

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to add personality to your space and create a focal point in any room. Choose wallpapers made from recycled materials to ensure responsible sourcing. Choose nature-inspired designs like botanical prints, woodland scenes, or geometric patterns reminiscent of natural formations like honeycombs or waves 

Tapestries: Weave a Story of Sustainability 

Tapestries act as portable pieces of art that can quickly change any space. Look for those made from organic cotton or polyester. Choose designs celebrating nature’s beauty, such as landscapes, wildlife, or intricate botanical patterns. Hang your tapestry above your bed, sofa, or dining area to bring visual interest and warmth to your room. 

Bet you didn’t know using polyester for tapestries could be eco-friendly! Even though polyester isn’t biodegradable, using it for cool products stops it from cluttering landfills. And when it’s time to switch out your tapestry, why not donate it to an NGO that turns them into new stuff? 

Wall Murals: Make a Big Impact with Sustainable Art 

Transform your space with wall murals—giant canvases waiting for your unique touch. Choose eco-friendly options on recycled paper or PVC-free vinyl for a sustainable choice. Dive into designs celebrating nature’s beauty, from lush forest scenes to serene ocean vistas or abstract interpretations of water and sunlight. Install your mural as the centerpiece of your room for an immersive natural experience. 

Bags: Carry Your Eco-Friendly Style Everywhere 

Bags aren’t just for carrying stuff—they’re a way to show off your style! Pick ones made from organic cotton, hemp, or recycled polyester for a sustainable vibe. Choose designs inspired by nature, like flowers, animals, or cool abstract patterns. Carry your eco-friendly bag with pride, knowing you’re doing your part for the planet. 

DIY Ideas:  

  1. Gather some old t-shirts or fabric scraps and sew them into adorable pillow covers. You can stencil on leaf or flower designs using eco-friendly fabric paint for a personalized touch. 
  1. Create your own tie-dye curtains using natural dyes made from ingredients like turmeric, beetroot, or spinach. Experiment with different patterns and colors to achieve a unique look that reflects your love for nature. 
  1. Create your own nature-inspired wallpaper using eco-friendly materials like potato stamps or recycled paper cutouts. You can even use pressed flowers or leaves to add a whimsical touch to your design. 
  1. Make your own tapestry using a simple weaving loom and natural fibers like wool, cotton, or jute. Incorporate elements from nature, such as feathers, shells, or dried flowers, to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 
  1. Create your own wall mural using eco-friendly paint and stencils. Choose a wall in your home and let your imagination run wild as you paint a scene inspired by your favorite natural setting, whether it’s a tranquil forest, a vibrant meadow, or a serene beach. 
  1. Upcycle old fabric or denim jeans into stylish tote bags or pouches. Embellish them with patches, embroidery, or appliques inspired by nature to create a unique accessory that reflects your creativity and eco-consciousness. 

Final Words: 
Creating eco-friendly decor with nature-inspired products is a fun and rewarding way to express your personal style while caring for the planet. By choosing sustainable materials and incorporating DIY ideas inspired by nature, you can transform your space into a haven of beauty and sustainability. So, unleash your creativity and make your home reflect your love for the Earth! 


1. Are eco-friendly decor products more expensive than conventional ones?  

Ans. Not necessarily! While some eco-friendly products might cost a little more upfront, they often last longer, saving money in the long run. Plus, there are lots of affordable options out there too! 

2. Are DIY projects for eco-friendly decor difficult to undertake?  

Ans. Not at all! DIY projects can be super fun and easy. There are lots of videos and guides to help us make cool stuff for our rooms! 

3. Can I still achieve a stylish look with eco-friendly decor?  

Ans. Absolutely! Eco-friendly decor can be super stylish and cool. With so many options inspired by nature, we can make our rooms look amazing while being kind to the planet! 

4. How can I dispose of eco-friendly decor products responsibly?  

Ans. We can try to recycle or donate old decor items instead of throwing them away. Many eco-friendly materials can be recycled or even break down naturally, so let’s take care of our planet together! 

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