Simply Spring: 7 Ways to Sprinkle the Season Throughout Your Home

As the flowers start to bloom and the winter frost melts away, we all creep out of our autumn hibernation and bask in the warm glow of the spring sun. The season is changing once again, and with it comes a new interior makeover to mimic mother nature’s glow-up. 

This doesn’t mean a full-fledged renovation, but a couple of little touches to refresh your living space will bring life back into your home and create an inviting springtime haven to relax after a long day.

New Climate, New Color

The foundation of interior design always comes down to the color palette, so a great way to start adapting to the warmer months is to change up the hues in your home to match the sunny season. If you are attached to the colors you currently have, a perfect compromise is to take the same colors and find the different tints, tones, and shades within them that fit a spring palette. 

For example, if your current colors are cream, blue, and yellow, find the pastel tints within them by adding a little white. Pastels thrive in the springtime, so incorporating them into your home will surely give it a sunny atmosphere. Neutrals such as white, brown, beige, and black complement any color combination, so those don’t need to change.

Wild Walls

Now that the color palette has been modified, it is time to incorporate it into the focal points of the space. Using an accent wall as the primary anchor of the colors is a bold and creative way to spice up the living space. 

Depending on your preferences, you can repaint one or more walls, or perhaps just the molding for a pop of color. For an even more daring upgrade, try using a graphic wallpaper for the accent. It can incorporate several colors in your palette and give the room a contemporary and dynamic design. 

Nature Knows Best

If you need a little inspiration when it comes to decorating your home for the warmer season, just take a look outside. The vibrant colors and the lively flora radiate the magic of springtime, and mimicking the energy of nature in your interior design will create a bright, cheerful space to enjoy.

Bring in some of the fresh florals for a lovely centerpiece or other seasonal plant life for a touch of warmth in your decor. Greenery will always breathe life into a space, especially when mirroring the early bloom of spring.

Rug Realness

If an accent wall is a little too intimidating, the next, best way to create an upgraded focal point is by switching out your rugs. Like wallpaper, rugs can give your space an instant facelift, and depending on how intricate the pattern, can also incorporate colors that complement your home.

Find a rug with the colors and patterns that go with the upcoming spring season. There are thousands of options that fit any decor style. These pieces range from simple and minimal to loud and eclectic. This must-have accessory adds depth to any area, so investing in one is a win-win. 

Throw in Some Throws

Once you have incorporated the larger-scale upgrades, it is time to start layering in the smaller accents that bring warmth and life into the space. One of the simplest ways to switch over your decor from fall to spring is by swapping out the throws. 

Both throw pillows and throw blankets can do wonders for your furniture. The colors, patterns, and materials work together to create a home fit for spring. Textures like macrame or linen are ideal for the warmer months. As for colors, just bring in pieces that incorporate the same color palette you have used throughout the place.

Bedding Baddie

As the weather gets warmer, it makes more sense to switch over to some lightweight and airy fabric. Moisture-wicking materials like linen, eucalyptus, and bamboo are all perfect substitutions for your winter sheet sets. 

Pick a comforter that utilizes the same color palette that is shown in the whole room or at least a neutral that complements it. Just like throws, fresh bedding can do wonders for a spring upgrade. Because the bed is usually the focal point of a bedroom, the colors it is dressed in set the tone for the whole space. 

Gallery Glamor 

Wall art should be used as an accent that ties the space together. Finding pieces that both elevate the spring theme while also showing off your personality will create a unique and cheerful vibe that makes you feel at home.

Abstract paintings that showcase bright pastels or landscape photography that brings the beauty of nature indoors are both perfect options to decorate your walls. The sky’s the limit, so get creative and find the pieces that spark joy in you.

Satisfy the Senses 

The icing on this seasonal cake is the invisible touch of spring. Interior design is not all about visuals but about engaging every sense to create a dimensional and immersive space. Using air fresheners, oil diffusers, or scented candles is a powerful and easy way to bring the glory of spring into your home – without any pesky bugs. 

Pick fresh scents that do not overwhelm but instead subtly ignite the sensation of warmth that we feel as we approach this sunny season. Rich aromas such as lavender, lemon, and lilac are perfect touches of spring.

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